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Wow & Flutter is an independent Irish label dedicated to releasing music that we love. Blending electronic and organic, digital and analogue, we capture moods and memories to create our records. Our goal is to find a home in the world for the beautiful things we make and discover.

Each record is released on a short run of cassettes (100 copies) as well as across all major digital music platforms.




c o m t e - OF CLEAR LIGHT

A meditation on loss & grief, imagining the unknown, what worlds, sensations, we encounter during and after we cross over along with the feelings one experiences when someone leaves this earth. 

Mixing organic field recordings, murky analog experiments and warbling synths, buried beneath textured grit & grain the tracks sit somewhere between ambient and dub techno.The aim of 'Of Clear Light' light is to create an emotional, mystical, uncertain, yet somewhat comforting journey. Recommended listening on headphones and preferably from start to finish.


Department Of Forever is a new musical outing for Irish Sound Designer/Musician, Steve Fanagan. Unseen Pictures is a collection of ambient/drone music. The songs were originally improvised and recorded over a few days and then chopped up, edited, reworked and constructed into the 9 tracks included here. It is a deeply personal piece of work and mediative in nature. This album was very much inspired by Steve’s sound design work in film over the last decade. One of the tracks, A Simulation Of Here, was recently used by Irish filmmaker Tadhg O'Sullivan for his film contribution to the exhibition 'A Visibility Matrix' curated by Sven Anderson and Gerard Byrne, which initially exhibited at The Douglas Hyde Gallery in Dublin last summer.


M Shutak's debut release "The Widows House" is a record made of memories and feeling that captures a mood and a moment in time. Drifting piano pieces meld with warm, subtle electronics and the scratched lilting fiddle melodies. The pair opened microphones to the outside world as they recorded this collection. Found sounds along with synths, radios and toy pianos form gentle, emotive sound-beds that underpin the record. The result is a record which sounds like a old creaking house in Spring with the windows left open.




Old friends and collaborators Gregory O’Brien and Gary Morrison have been making music together for over 20 years. Their latest project M Shutak sees them meld piano, electronics, fiddle, toys, transistor radios and found sounds with the aim of making music which captures memories, feelings and moments in time.

Department of Forever

Department of Forever is the work of Irish musician Steve Fanagan. Steve has been making and producing music for more than 2 decades and has released albums as Northstation, Moose Eats Leaf, Small Group Primate, Wrecking Ball and others; as well as amassing countless collaboration and production credits. This new outing sees Steve create some of his most atmospheric and personal music to date.

c o m t e

c o m t e  is an electronic music project by producer/musician J. Cowhie.

Mixing organic field recordings, murky analog experiments and warbling synths, buried beneath textured grit & grain his music sits somewhere between ambient and dub techno.



c o m t e - In The Between

A video for 'In The Between' from the album 'Of Clear Light' by c o m t e. This video by John Cowhie perfectly captures the mood of the record.


The video is a collaboration between Tadhg O'Sullivan and Steve Fanagan and has shown internationally as part of 'A Visibility Matrix' curated by Sven Anderson and Gerard Byrne.